Media Booster Refund Policy

If you would like to cancel your subscription after making a payment, then you are liable to receive a charge to cover the direct costs of providing our services.

This is 30% of the original pricing that is deducted from the refund we issue you. This covers costs we have incurred in the provision of services for your account, such as hosting costs, payment charges and administrative costs.

The current refund for each plan without promotional or annual discounts is as follows:
Personal - $30.50
Business - $50.50
Enterprise - $125.00

Unfortunately, this policy stands for cases where users have forgotten to deactivate their account before the end of our free trial. In agreeing to start the trial, users formally accept liability for costs incurred after the trial is complete, and we can only offer the refund rates stated above.

In the event of a user cancelling a multiple month contract, either on a monthly or annual plan, the user can only claim a refund for the current billing period, and any remaining months left on an annual plan that haven’t already passed.

For example, if you cancel 6 months into an annual personal plan, you would only be refunded $367.50, for the current month and the 6 remaining months on your account.

In the event of a user adding their Instagram account to Media Booster, but not setting up any targeting or advanced settings to start our tool's search for new followers, we're sorry but we cannot offer a refund. When users don't hold up their end of our agreement, we cannot be held liable.

This also applies in the event of a user not authorising Media Booster to access their account through the Instagram app, due to the fact that we would have been completely unable to provide the service through no fault of our own.

In order to request a refund, you can contact us via, or you can submit a request along with giving your email on our web chat.

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