Guest Posting on Media Booster

Are you looking to promote your brand to a large organic search audience? Consider creating a guest post with Media Booster to increase your visibility among our users. If you’re prepared to write a 300-600 word article to post on our site, you can link back to your own and create a permanent gateway for new users into your site.

We have just a couple of conditions for you posting in our blog:

The topic of the article must be something related to Instagram specifically, or about social media in general.

1. You need to send the finished article to including a headline/page title, the content of the post, either images you want to use for the article that you have the right to use commercially or give our team an idea of the image you want to match your article, along with your name, title and a URL we can link the article back to on each page you submit.

2. The content you submit must be your own, or content which you hold commercial rights for distribution of, which means you can’t just copy content from another website to post on ours. However, if you’re a knowledgeable marketer looking to promote your business in new places, this shouldn’t be a problem for you.

Struggling for a story? Check out our blog for examples of articles that are suited to our audience, or get in touch with us to see how we can bridge the gap between our customers and your offering.

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