What is Media Booster?

Dylan W.
Posted by: Dylan W.

After months of building new tools to assist our marketing efforts on other projects, we slowly came to realise that many of these tools could easily be shared with others to help them grow their audience online. Using our awesome combination of developers and marketers, we soon decided that Media Booster was the next step to developing these tools, improving them, and scaling them up to be more effective, while also funding our efforts to research and develop our new ideas.

Founded by Alex Berezhnyk our lead developer, and director of the business, who has several years and a number of technically challenging projects behind him (including running a social network!), his girlfriend Jule, a social media marketing guru, and Dylan Williams, a British marketing and growth expert, who now lives in Ukraine, we’re a tight knit team with a wealth of experiences and a true understanding of the needs of our customers.

And that’s not to mention Donald the cat, our head of customer service, and Instagram celebrity in his own right (check out his profile here), ready to resolve all of your questions and issues purrfectly.

Our Instagram Booster services spent more than a year in development and testing, aimed at really helping you grow and nurture your audience on Instagram, and assisting in building the number of followers you have, while also ensuring that those followers convert into users or customers - whatever you need them for.

We believe in fair business practices, and our services never break any rules or cheat our customers (because then you wouldn’t come back, it’s as simple as that), and we constantly improve everything we do with a robust system of measuring results and new updates that will ensure you’re never left behind your competition.

If you have any questions about us, our products and services, or even want to see your own tool created at a very competitive cost (don’t forget we’re based in Ukraine!), then email, call, or message us, and we’ll get straight back to you.

Seeing as you’ve made it this far, why not check out our Facebook profile too?

About Dylan W.

Dylan founded Prysma, a Digital Marketing Agency in 2016 after period of freelance marketing for a number of companies. Since then he’s developed his knowledge in a number of digital marketing areas, such as Social Media Marketing, Analytics, and Traffic Generation Strategies.


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