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Dylan W.
Posted by: Dylan W.

One thing people always seem to forget is the fact that social networks really are, well.. social.

There are billions of other people populating them, and a huge number of users embrace location tagging on Instagram. This provides an interesting opportunity for smart marketers and individuals who are prepared to do some research on the people and organisations they want to be associated with - the ability to make sure they'll know who you are before you even get in touch.

It really is simple. By interacting with people who post from specific locations, you can build an audience in those locations.

Whether that's a business you want to work with, or a really elite club you want to join, if you work to find the specific people in those locations, and get them to follow you, then you can build your image among the people you want to know you.

Super Targeted Instagram Followers

While having thousands of Instagram followers can look good, depending on what you want from your audience, having a few hundred that you know are interested in the topics and places you need will always pay off as long as you shape your message to them accordingly. Here are a couple of examples of ways you could benefit from doing this:

Targeting offices and other locations associated with potential customers: If you've done some homework on the people you're trying to make a sale to, you should be able to find locations that their staff and management would use in their own posts, and create opportunities to build rapport with their team.

Increasing your reputation in the locations you regularly visit: You can also target posts based on locations you regularly visit. This will give you a chance to keep in contact with more people in each, which is especially useful for events like business networking or important social events.

Job Hunting: If you have your eyes set on a dream job, and you know exactly where you want to end up, then why not start keeping up to date with what people there are doing now? By targeting your social interactions with people already working there, then when your Instagram followers grow, you know they'll be just who you want to follow you.

Without getting too reptitive, you can see why being able to interact with people in locations of interest to your life, business and career can be hugely beneficial to you.
You can sign up and start targeting specific locations for your Instagram right now on Media Booster if you're a new user, or sign in to add new locations for your account to target. Don't forget to be creative with it, use the list below for inspiration.

Instagram Locations To Consider

When you're thinking of which locations you should target, you need to consider a few things about what exactly you want to gain from each location. For example, there are social, career related, business related, or even other locations that could be beneficial to have a presence in online, and off.

While you may use a number of locations that are used for social events within your circles, increasing your popularity within them, you could also target locations that are likely to contain people you may want to know you, like the offices of specific journalists, or institutions or organisations that you'd like to develop closer links with.

Here are some examples we thought of, if you have any of your own feel free to share them in the comments.

- Your office
- Restaurants/bars/clubs you visit
- Competitor's Offices
- Charities and Social Organisations
- Offices you want to work in
-Gyms/Sports Clubs

Those are just a few of the examples we could think of, but as you can see, there are a number of Instagram locations that you can target in your daily activities. Our tool provides an easy way to manage and test different locations, but by doing some research and planning, and making it into a habit, you can manually go and interact with posts in each location to grow your audience,

Even if you do use our tool, don't forget that you can view these locations and comment on them while connecting with others, as well ass just the interaction provided by using Media Booster.

If you're going to remember one thing from reading this, then make sure that you remember that by targeting Instagram locations that are worth something to you, and directing engagement to these locations, you will see a significant benefit from your social media activities in achieving your real world goals.

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