8 Unstoppable Ways Of Growing Your Instagram Profile

Jule P.
Posted by: Jule P.

Very often, bloggers, entrepreneurs and sales managers who sell products on Instagram ask the same question: how to increase followers and grow sales.

Everything is quite simple - there are a variety of ways in which you can promote your Instagram, and we’re going to discuss our 8 favourite in this article. So take a seat, get comfortable and make yourself a cup of hot tea as we are about to begin...

Here are some rules and tips that will help you gain a much bigger and better following as well as an increase in activity. All of these methods were tested in real life on popular Instagram accounts and are proven to work.

Time to post

Time to post on Instagram

We've found that the best time to post is at 8-10 am and 6-8 pm, the best and most appropriate time for your followers to see and pay attention to your posts.

However, this might change depending on who you're trying to reach. If you have a business account which is linked with your Facebook business profile you have the access to analytics to show when exactly your audience is active.

Add hashtags to your post

Add Instagram hashtags

They are needed to increase the number of subscribers, a lot of popular public figures and influencers grew their Instagram profile on their own from zero using popular hashtags, for example: #love #cosmetics #prague #vacation #zerowaste.

This function helps your photos appear in the global search (the tabs on the Search bar). As a result, more people will find your posts while keeping updated on popular tag stories and might follow you!

Put hashtags in your stories

Hashtags also have their own stories and will widen your engagement. As an example, every time you write a hashtag in your story it will display itself in the collection of global stories. So not only will your friends be able to watch your story but also strangers from around the world will be able to view it.

And by the way, you can see who has viewed your story by using the hashtags, and who knows maybe some of them already follow you! Isn’t that great? Don’t waste your time, use it now.

Add your location to your posts

Add locations to post on Instagram

We consider this an unavoidable trick for gaining more followers. Putting locations on your posts will make your posts visible in the search results of that location, this, in turn, will make you more visible and relevant to strangers who are either from the area/venue or are familiar with it.

Every time a different user views the location's posts the chances of them seeing it will depend on how recent your post is and how popular it is. So take this as a reminder to be active and post regularly at the places containing your audience.

Engaging with others

Engaging with others on Instagram

When you know who you want seeing your content, you need to make yourself visible to them. You can do this by following their profile, commenting on and liking their posts. The more you like other people's posts, the greater the chances that another user will go to your page and follow you.

Every 100 likes are 6-10 new followers. Do not feel shy about liking and commenting on things you see, show interest in other people's posts - this is a good way to attract new followers and get them to pay attention to your page. If you don’t have so much time for liking people's posts, tools such as Media Booster can help you with this.

Influencer Marketing

Instagram Influencer Marketing

Popular bloggers will help you in advertising your products or services. So information about you can be quickly spread across the network, especially people who match the audience of your Influencers. Look for bloggers and influencers that are relevant by topic: for example, you have an online sports shoe store, arrange with bloggers who can show your products in their stories and talk about your business or Instagram store.

Contests, Promotions & Discounts

Competitions are a good way to attract new followers and increase activity among your existing subscribers. Usually, the rules of participation are very simple: they must be a follower and like the post announcing it, as well as tagging one or two of your friends in this post. Specify the end date of the competition and find a suitable prize or prizes, and make sure to announce the winner at the end of the competition.

Tools and services to grow your following

To create your own virtual community, you can use simple services to promote your Instagram page. They allow you to gain more likes, comments and followers. However, do not make mistakes. Avoid free or very cheap services that offer huge results for less than $10. The probability of getting your profile banned or losing most of your followers is close to 100%.

We recommend testing Media Booster. Signing up for our free trial is just a click away using this link, you can target new followers and audiences through location, hashtag usage, gender and other parameters.

This will allow you to get yourself in front of the people who could help build your business in the future, and grow your following by hundreds of users every month.

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