6 Instagram Trends for 2019

Jule P.
Posted by: Jule P.

Interesting isn’t it? Seeing what Instagram has prepared for us? In the 21st century we can’t ignore how quickly trends change. Let’s take a deep look at what will popular in 2019 and what trends are waiting for us in the near future.

Video content

The first and most important trend is Video Content. Make sure to transform all your posts in video content. As tells us statistics 98% of the Instagram users prefer to gain information through the video. And video content has stronger engagement than photo posts. That’s why you will easily achieve target audience making videos and selling your products\services\ etc through the video…


Stories. OMG, the most useful feature ever. We can browse through and post stories, from morning till midnight and observe other's lives. Don’t be embarrassed, take your phone and make stories of everything you do (if you want to gain followers) of products/services/business what you propose (if your goal is to sell online).

Instagram Stories

24-hour stories make your audience warm up to you, and followers see that you are a real person and generally minimize the possibility they will unfollow you.

Shopping on Instagram

Shopping in the Instagram for business owners. In 2018, the social network expanded the opportunities for shopping - there were tags in the photo, in the stories section.

Instagram Shopping

Advertising in stories

Advertising in stories. Over 400 million people browse Instagram stories every day. Can you imagine the sсale of the potential clients of your business? A great idea is to start testing various stories formats to identify the most effective ones for you.

Advertising in Stories is inexpensive and rarely used. Do not forget that users are used to seeing everyday photos and videos of friends in Stories. So that they do not have the desire to immediately skip your ad, make it less catchy, but exciting. This year Ads in Stories will be one of the hottest trends. It’s better to start preparing for it right now.

Advertising in stories

Direct Video Calls

Direct Video Calls. One to one communication can capture user's attention in a targeted way. It is clear which users are online, it is possible to exchange gifs, photo and video and questions and answers in comments also.

Direct Video Calls

Also recently, the social network has presented an update - a list of close friends with whom you can share special content. But the most important new feature is direct video calls. Just imagine, you can make one to one contact any time with people who are interested in your business/service/product

Streams on Instagram

Streams on Instagram - You want to tell something important to your followers just press stream and you are online. every time you make stream your audience get notified about your online streaming. Use this instrument to tell your followers who you are, what products you sell or show how your services work.

Streams on Instagram

Streams are promoted by Instagram, and if you want to achieve more frequent engagement just try to make video streams regularly.

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