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Jule P.
Posted by: Jule P.

Instagram. It's all anyone is ever talking about. You're probably wondering how you can use the power of Instagram to display your creations to potential customers, along with creating and growing a reputation for your brand and your work, right? Well look no further, we have some of the best and most relevant tips for finding new clients for your business on Instagram.

We'll cover areas such as gaining new followers, working with influencers to expand your reach, and the steps you need to take to convert your new followers into sales later on. But first, you should ask yourself this main question:

"What is my main audience on Instagram, and what are the best things to do to reach them?"

Knowing the answer to this is a mixture of logic, creativity, and understanding your customers. However, once you do know the answer to this question, the next steps will be much easier.

1. Make Sure You Clearly Show Off Your Design Style On Your Profile

You need to make sure that visitors to your profile can clearly see the style you use in your work by ensuring that all pictures you post follow it. This can be done by ensuring all posts follow the colour scheme and patterns of your work, and also even using similar filters for each picture to keep the visual style consistent. You can even expand this to evolve over time to match the changes in your designs, or to accomodate different lines you produce over time.

2. Think About How Often You Post

There's no right answer for this question. It's suggested that you shouldn't post more than two times per day because users won't pay as much attention to each post, but then you also have to balance that against the fact that if you don't post regularly enough, people aren't going to see your posts at all. We found that making 2-3 posts per week on average got our clients great results, but try to experiment with different amounts and timings - and don't forget, don't ever upload multiple posts at once. Space them out over time and you'll do much better.

3. Have A Way To Make Sales!

One of the most common mistakes of designers on Instagram is not clearly showing followers how they can buy things they see. Instagram allows you to add a link to a website in the bio of your profile, which can be a huge boost to your traffic. However, this isn't the only way you can generate sales from Instagram. You just need to tell people where you want them to go when you make posts. A simple "Check out the link in our bio to buy" or "DM us for pricing and sizes" can go a huge distance towards turning each post you make into a potential for sales.

4. Treat Instagram As A Space To Network

Alongside just using your profile to show off your new designs and attempt to sell your work, you should also consider the fact that Instagram is a social network, and that people use them to communicate with others. This means that you can meet peope who may be relevant to your work such as journalists, exhibit organisers, or even other designers. By extending your personal network, you can find and take new opportunities that will work wonders for your business.

5. Make The Most Of Instagram Influencers

We've all seen them before. Those people who have a few thousand followers on their profiles for no apparent reason, who always seem to create great posts, and gain hundreds of likes and comments on each. Well, one of the worst kept secrets of Instagram is that these people have huge amounts of influence over the popularity of different products and posts on the network. By getting them to love your brand (either through making friends with them, and getting them to really buy in to your image, or by giving them free products and services in return for promoting you to their followers), you can soon gain huge amounts of interest from their followers, and people with similar interests on the network.

6. Create A Sense Of Community

In order to keep your followers engaged, and make sure that they will keep coming back, you should try your best to create a community around your profile and your brand, and give them a chance to feel like they're a part of what goes on in your life and business. By encouraging conversation by doing things such as asking your followers questions, making them feel like their opinion is wanted, and by creating competitions and events where they feel they're an active part of your brand, you will soon have a community of followers who will do much more to spread your brand than you ever could alone.

7. Interact With People - Work To Earn Those Followers

You can't just set up a profile and post regularly and expect people to start following you in the hundreds. It's not a case of "build it and they will come", but you have to work to gain followers, by interacting with people around you. Like posts regularly, follow accounts you find interesting, and comment on posts to build interest and get people to want to click a link to visit your profile. Of course, if you're too busy designing to do that, then you can always check out Media Booster's Services and get it done for you.

8. Provide Value

For people to really want to follow you on Instagram, you have to provide some kind of value to them for doing so. Whether you give an exclusive preview of your work, providing tips and advice on how people can do things you do themselves, or even offering special offers/competitions for users who follow you on Instagram. People rarely just follow you for no reason, you have to create (and clearly communicate) a reason for them to do it, that makes sense to them, and justifies their decision to do it

9. Experiment With Your Posts

If you've tried everything above and you're still not getting your desired results, then don't be afraid to experiment with your posts. Trying new visual styles, focussing on the life around your work and not just the work itself, and different ideas for formats of posts can all benefit you if used correctly, and it depends entirely on your target audience to know which ones work best in your circumstances, theres' no magic formula to work it out.

You need to test out every different combination you can until you find something that works for you. You'll know when it really starts working, you'll gain more followers, the engagement (likes and follows) on your posts will increase, and you'll see much more interest from potential customers and partenrs. Don't be afraid to try something new!

10. Test Media Booster!

Media Booster is designed to help you find the best possible audience for your posts on Instagram. We use a combination of locations and interests/hashtags to find people near you, who will definitely be interested in what you have to post. Our clients gain an average of 30 new followers per day (over 900 per month!), and you can be sure that people won't follow you unless they're genuinely interested in what you have to post. We're not interested in dirty tricks, and we know exactly who to get in touch with to grow your audience. If you read this article and get in touch with one of our team and mention you're a designer, and we'll even give you an account for $50 in the first month, a 66% saving!

Try out Media Booster Today!

That just about sums up our advice for you in this article, however, as we stated many times, don't be afraid to talk to others on the network, experiment with your posts, and try out new styles for your content. Being adventurous can go a long way online, and can make or break sales of your fashion business via Instagram.

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