Media Booster: Your Instagram Superweapon

Our users chose Media Booster for a number of different reasons, such as;

-Growing their audience and influence on Instagram
-Increasing sales in their online store
-Networking and building local relationships

and they come from a range of different backgrounds and industries, such as;

-Creative Industries such as photography and advertising

But they all continue to use us because of one thing: The fact we get results.

In fact, we can prove it too. That's why we're building an analytics system that rivals any available tools or apps available for Instagram right now.

Our tool allows you to target and define your audience purely to users you want viewing your profile.

This can be based on interests and hashtag usage in countries you define, or even people posting in specific locations around you, such as restaurants, hotels, conference venues, stadiums, and many other locations.

This gives you complete control over your target audience on Instagram, and can even be used to grow your influence socially in specific locations, impacting your interactions in the real world positively, building real influence for you and your brand.

When you combine this with our Influencer Recruitment tool, which can allow you to find, monitor, and contact a large number of Influencers, you'll find that Media Booster can generate real leads for your business.

You can be confident that we can provide an all in one solution to achieve Instagram success, for whatever reason you may want it.

Find out more about Media Booster by clicking the button, or by signing up and trying it for yourself!

Why Media Booster?

Talented Team

Our team aren't just experienced, they're incredibly talented. We know how to get results. It's as simple as that. You can trust that your marketing support will be in the best hands, and that we're innovative and smart enough to ensure we stay ahead of the curve.

High End Service

As well as our tools being ahead of the crowd in terms of results, we also provide you with the service level you need to keep them running without a problem, and help you do everything you need to do to constantly improve your performance. We won't ever let you down, night or day.

Innovation Is At Our Core

We love to innovate. We like change and think it's good for the world. We will always strive to create the best tools for your usage, and make sure they keep updated in a world of constant changes and technical innovation. As an added bonus, this often means we'll select our clients to test new features and even entirely new tools free of charge.

Our Team

Founder & Lead Developer
Alex Berezhnyk

After years of programming for a number of different products and jobs, I decided it was time to start my own business again, and help others grow theirs. I love to build things and see them grow, and I want to share my ability to do so with the rest of the world.

Marketing & Sales Director
Dylan Williams

Although I already own my own Marketing Agency,Prysma , I jumped at the opportunity to help Alex start his business after our long period of working together and thinking up crazy tools to make our lives easier.

Social Media Guru
Jule Palenuchka

I love all things social! I have worked in social media marketing for most of my professional life, and having worked with Alex and Dylan before, I couldn't resist the chance to help build Media Booster.

Head of Customer Support
Donald Cat

Meow! I am Donald, I'm both a very popular kitty on Instagram, and head of helping our valued customers out. If anything goes wrong, you can be sure I'll be there to comfort you with a purr and fix problems.

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