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Media Booster helps you grow your following on Instagram by doing the things you don't have the time to

We've spent two years developing the ideal tool to save you time and boost your business on Instagram.

While we can't make people want to follow you, it leaves you the chance to focus on creating great content so they want to, and making sales.

That is why we handle everything, all you need to do is let us know who you want to reach.

From gender to location to specific interests, you can craft your ideal audience with Media Booster.

Targeting and Engagement

How does it work?

Configure your accounts

We automatically find potential followers for your Instagram profile from the selections you make from our search parameters


Search for people who have specified certain hashtags in their posts and interact with them


From competitors to local landmarks, find people who are active in the locations you can reach them


Global business? With us You can set up multi-regional audience filtering or choose a specific country

Set advanced filtering

We check each profile we come across against the options you select, while ensuring they're legitimate potential leads for your business

All of those filters allow to us get a more targeted audience, avoiding specific users to ensure you only get followers who are interested in your content

No Bots

We use automatic bot filtering to make sure that your audience is only built with real users


Engage only with specific gender accounts to make better results

Working Time

Set up working time for each of your acocunt to keep best experiece


You can engage with users based on their audience size, and reach more people as a result

Stop Words

Avoid engagement with users and business profiles that don't suit your audience

Personal Actions

We perform a number of actions that when combined, and directed to the right audience, show engagement with users without you having to put in the hours


Our AI looks for the freshest content from your search parameters


We can make sure you're the first person to like posts as soon as they are uploaded


We watch stories of your audience to make sure they feel like you're interested in what they post

Get Results

Once you've finished setting up Media Booster, you'll soon begin to see results within hours if everything is set up correctly


Generate high-quality traffic which converts to new prospects, sales and orders

New Audience

As your engagement grows, you'll begin to see more people find you through your followers

Profile Activity

We activity on your profile, meaning that people will get notifications to let them know you're around

Most Common Questions

Not at all

Mass following users or buying followers from 3rd parties, usually either doesn’t work or brings negligible results. That's why we don't offer this type of marketing (if you could call it that..) for our clients. We develop and test our own services which helps to grow a good amout of real followers in a completely natural way.

Media Booster provides a service which we developed for our own use, over more than a year and only later thought of providing it to other users. You can find more how it works on our About page.
Our tool works by finding the ideal audience for your profile, and interacting with them. We aren't involved in providing users with fake followers, so we can never truly be able to tell you how many people will be interested in your business after Media Booster interacts with them.

Your profile will be visited by real people, and only the ones that are truly interested in what you offer will follow you. If you ensure that your profile is complete and you make regular and engaging posts, then our work will gain much better results.
Due to the fact that once Media Booster is set up, it begins boosting your presence straight away, you can see the first results of activity results within a day of starting usage of our services. However, we recommend that you review your analytics after at least a week for a much better picture of how things are improving.

Once you have gained new followers and your post engagement rate begins to rise, it's up to you to start turning this new audience into a customer base, however, with the correct call to actions, conversion methods, and content, this will come naturally.
We have a partnership program for affiliate marketers, marketing agencies, and social media managers who work with multiple clients. Alongside using our dedicated affiliate access to manage multiple accounts in one place, we provide our partners with rewarding multi-month commissions on all sales, and a personal account manager/social media wizard to make sure your clients stay happy.

If you're interested in partnering with Media Booster, then get in touch with a member of our team via email or our on site messaging, and we'll arrange a call.
Glad you're enjoying so far! We are currently developing two further tools for Instagram (one for recruiting Instagram Influencers, and another for lead generation on Instagram), and we have tools in various stages of development for Twitter, Linkedin & Medium.

If you are a social media pro, and you don't want to miss out on your chance to gain early access to our upcoming tools, then sign up, as existing users get early access and big discounts for our new releases.

Who Uses Media Booster?

Volodymyr Buriy

Co-founder at

Media Booster is our most successful solution to grow the followers of our clients, and keep them engaged enough to convert to sales later. Instagram adverts aren't cheap and influencers don't always get results, but Media Booster can provide us with a way to reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of Instagram users for less than we would spend on either

Tristin Roney

Owner, Honestly Essential Oils

Media Booster is incredible! Our little business can produce content, but we have really struggled when it came to the engagement piece that is necessary to grow your Instagram audience.. We get followers that are genuinely interested in our brand and products, and we are convinced it has been a key factor in our online sales growth of over 350% in the last three months

Jule Palenu4ka

Blogger & Entrepreneur Marketer

Since I started using Media Booster for each of my Instagram accounts, I have seen a massive increase in followers & engagement on each of my profiles. When you add this to the incredible support provided by the guys, you have a really great tool. They even helped me get everything started when I signed up by accessing my account and doing it for me!

Our Benefits

Cloud Based

You don`t need to download any additional software to your computer - management takes place in our web based app. Our servers work 24/7 and do all the hard work for you

Fair Services

We don`t cheat by using bots and inactive audiences, we attract real followers to your accounts who are chosen based on the interests you select. The more interesting your content is, the more attention you will receive


Understanding Media Booster isn't difficult. You don`t need any special knowledge of social media management or internet marketing. Setting things will take you no more than 10 minutes, but you can spend as much time as you want working on finding an audience that gets results.


We are always ready to answer all your questions in the online chat on our website. We will help you to understand the service, set up the promotion and will do everything to improve efficiency

Media Booster Plans for Your Business

On average our customers gain 900 new followers per month, select a plan to join them!


$ 75/month +7 days trial
Artificial Intelligence System
Set up 80 tasks
8 hours of activity per day
24/7 Support
Audience Booster
Engagement Booster
Monthly reports available
Multiple account support available


$ 250/month
Artificial Intelligence System
Set up 120 tasks
20 hours of activity per day
24/7 Support
Audience Booster
Engagement Booster
Monthly reports available
5 accounts available


$ 900/year
Save $900/year
Artificial Intelligence System
Set up 80 tasks
8 hours of activity per day
24/7 Support
Audience Booster
Engagement Booster
Monthly reports available
Multiple accounts available


$ 3000/year
Save $3000/year
Artificial Intelligence System
Set up 120 tasks
20 hours of activity per day
24/7 Support
Audience Booster
Engagement Booster
Monthly reports available
5 accounts available

Don’t waste your time achieving success on Instagram.

Since time is the one immaterial object which we cannot influence—neither speed up nor slow down, add to nor diminish—it is an imponderable, valuable gift.
– Maya Angelou

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